The Trip to the UP

We left KBS with a van packed full of stuff (research and camping gear). It was quite a feat to get everything in the van. Maybe I am bringing too much equipment. Well I guess I am prepared for just about everything. We set out from KBS without any address to go by. First we set the GPS to take us to Mackinaw City. It starts by telling us to drive the Lansing and then North. We decide that we don’t want to do this so we start towards Cadillac; this is much more scenic trip. During our journey I listened to Lucero and Drag the River while Megan caught up on some sleep. After she wakes, we change up to music: Gin Blossums, Goo Goo Dolls, Cake, and Smashing Pumpkins. This is quite the road trip. So far only one incident: Megan decided to wear her red drink. Well, I may have helped by braking, but it wasn’t my fault the guy in front of us wasn’t using a blinker.

When we stop for lunch we noticed how drastic the local cultural changes are from the Lansing/Kalamazoo type areas. Obviously there isn’t dental insurance this far north. We continued on towards the Mackinaw Bridge. Finally the bridge peaks out from behind the trees. What a wonderful bridge. (Insert Picture HERE). Well now that we are over the bridge, where to now? Let’s go to Seney. I keep hearing things about this Seney place. We drove through and saw all of the pools. This is in fact an interesting place.

Well now onwards to Pictured Rocks. Oh, what is this; a road called ‘Blue Mountain Road’, this really reminds me of home. Before we go too much further, it might help to buy some food. We attempt to stop in Shingleton, but the general store doesn’t seem promising. So we are off to Munising; much better options.

After stocking up on some food we are finally off the find a camp site. The plan was Little Beaver Lake, but to our surprise it is much smaller than expected and it is full!!!! So now what? We head down the road and find a State Forest Camp Ground. They have some stuff open so we take it. State Forests have some interesting guests. Well, we did have a car full of science stuff, but the people a few sites down were just dumb! “They’ve got a rope”! Yeah, haven’t you seen one before? Shut up and drink your beer. I guess it was odd that we were marking a rope at 1 meter intervals (in the dark with only headlamps to see: Note –> buy good headlamps, my Petzl is much better than my old energizer).


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