First day at the Hurons

Well I am about to call it a night. We arrived in Big Bay, MI around 4 PM. Turns out that my Garmin thinks that Big Bay is actually the gate to the Huron Mountain Club. The good thing is that I was trying to get to this exact location. When I arrived I was surprised to see that there was a professional guard at the gate. I didn’t know that this was such a serious place. After I check in we are on our way to find the stone house, and only made one wrong turn. The stone house is amazing (pictures to follow). It is right on Lake Ives and surrounded by ‘mountains’ (large hills really). We got everything checked in and learned the ‘law of the land’. Apparently I still don’t have permission to access lakes. What a time to find out. It is not clear to me how you can fund a project but not support it when time comes.

While waiting to hear if we are allowed on lakes or not I just unpack and get settled. A hot shower is amazing after a weekend of driving and camping. Finally the mysterious Wayne shows up to tell me about lake access. This then becomes more complicated. The ‘club’ has boats at most of the lakes I am going to sample. I am required to use those boats, but some of which are locked and I must get a key. I can get the key from the club house but I can only get one key at a time and it must be returned that day. Oh my, this is going to be interesting. Also, Wayne tells me that it may not be the best idea to deploy my sondes. What!!!! No, you can’t take that away from me.

What to do now? First I set up the weather station. Then I sat down with my notes to figure out what exactly I am going to do. Number one; deploy sonde at 7 AM on Lake Ives.


Well I am off to bed. Night!


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