Time to go to the Hurons

We wake up post storm, but still dry. We have a lot to get done so we make a quick meal and pack up to leave. We only have 3/16th of a tank of gas, but let’s first stop at Miners Castle to see what that is about. It is easy to find and another really cool place (insert picture). While there we meet the clerk at the souvenir shop. We chat a bit and she tells us that we should go to the ranger station and talk to them about Chapel. So we are off, but first let’s get some fuel. At the ranger station Megan stays in vehicle while I go in to find a ranger. Almost to the door, I hear a ‘oops’ from Megan. ‘Hungry Megan’ got out of the van and accidentally pressed lock instead of unlock in order to get into our cooler of food. Not noticing this, she gets out and shuts her door; locking the keys in the van (insert picture). Crap!!!! So, I go into the ranger station to ask for assistance and they give me the sheriff’s number. Great. Megan waits outside while I ask about Chapel Lake. The lady at the station gives me the contact information for the aquatic ecologist that works with the parks service. I’ve got a lead. I’ll give that person a call ASAP. I return to the van to wait for local sheriff to help us but when he arrives he can’t help us so we have to call a tow truck. 40 bucks later we are on the road again. Off to the Huron Mountains. We stop in Marquette for some lunch. We ate at this really great restaurant (V something). The food (white fish) was amazing. Once our bellies were full we departed for the Hurons (first stopping for a little food and 60 lbs of ice)


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