Day Three

Well the fun and games are over. Well yesterday was no game. That was hard work. Today is no difference. More sondes, gas sampling, and bacteria traps. The only difference is I’m going to hit more lakes: Howe, Rush, Pony, Upper Pine.

Site: Howe

The hardest thing about Howe is just getting there by car. It is maybe the furthest lake to drive to. Now yes there are roads, but we are talking about single track dirt roads that don’t need a speed limit because you aren’t going to get very fast (bump, bump, bump, sharp turn, steep climb). So once I got there all I had to do was row out and throw in the gear. Well maybe gently throw it in – it is expensive. I have to say, the morning sun on the lake was beautiful


Site: Rush

Now I don’t actually plan on putting a Sonde in Rush today. I’m going to move the sonde from Howe into Rush later in the week. However, I am going to go ahead to put in the float and do the gas measurements. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention a thing or two about Rush. Well Rush is 91 meters deep (300 feet if you must). To put that into perspective that is about ¼ the max depth of Lake Superior – maybe 1 km away. On top of that, there is apparently a fish species only found in Rush. All cool stuff. Let’s just hope it isn’t windy.


Site: Pony

So Pony use to be a small mountain stream fed lake. It seems to be turning into smaller ponds and, as I found out today, filling in with peat (maybe it will be a bog one day). The only issue is getting there. My way is to access it by boat. So while I’m on Rush I just keep rowing until I’m in about the right area. Then I can just pull the boat out of the water and hike the rest of the way. I was lucky this time to actually find a site near a trail which lead in the vicinity of Pony (Awesome!!!).


So that was easy. Now I just have to haul the gear up and get to work. Well that turns out to be more of a challenge. Oh yeah, there isn’t a boat here so I have to wade in, luckily I brought a pair of waders. Soon after I started I had my first surprise due to this:


Now that is a way to start the afternoon. I’m gonna have some words with people!!! (Not like that will help though) Ok, so now what? Well Pony isn’t really deep and it is hard to find a place to put the sonde. So I resorted to this:


It is safely out of the mud and just deep enough to work. Well, in the meantime one of the Hobos fell off and decided to take a float across the pond. Great L ! So I guess I’ll try to fetch it. Not because I’m worried about losing it, but I don’t want to litter. So by this time it is on the other side of the pond so I decided to walk across. This is how I figured out the lake/pond is turning into a bog. So much peat. There is also the moment where you realize you are standing on a floating mat which is sinking and wondering how you would get out if you don’t move quickly. I finally made it. I only fell in a few times and luckily my GPS is waterproof because I forgot it was in that pocket. I finally got the Hobo with the help of a stick and some string. You have to be resourceful in this line of work. Now that I’m all done I just have to row back across Rush. How is it that the wind is always working against me?

Site: Upper Pine

Upper Pine is such a beautiful lake. You access it by rowing in from Second Pine via a small, shallow inlet. As you approach there is nothing but water lilies and other aquatic plants. Oh look at all of the fish – I saw a few good size bass. As you clear the inlet you come upon this amazing lake.


What a delight. I wish I could spend more time back here. It is so peaceful. But I’m just dropping off this sonde and getting home. It is already 5 PM and I’m tired. I’m be sure to get more pictures of this lake when I come back next week.


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