Sampling Day 4 (kinda)

Well today wasn’t a science day. I threw in a few floater days in case things happened with the weather or logistics. I also needed the extra days on some lakes where I am moving sondes between lakes. So what to do with my free time? Well I started off by sleeping in! That was amazing. Then a shower, shave, and large breakfast to really solidify things. I planned this floater day to be on a Saturday on purpose – I wanted to experience the Big Bay farmers market, so I did. One table of local produce. I’ll take those peppers. That was a good morning!!!

For the afternoon I decided to do some exploring. I hear there is a dolmen on top of Huron Mountain. So what is a Dolmen? Well I’m getting mixed answers but it seems to be related to ancient Celtic or Viking civilizations. Yes, apparently both made it to MI!!!! Way before  good old Chris.

The hike was amazing. There were beautiful forests


Including trees on rock mounds


The view was amazing


I even found the USGS marker for the peak


Ok time to find that Dolmen. It took a bit of searching, but I found it!!!!



Mission accomplished! Time to enjoy the view


Oh I guess that storm is really coming. You can see the rain front.Image

So after I did some interesting climbing around to find another treasure (unfound) I had to make an abrupt exit from the mountain. Of course I wasn’t on the path when it started pouring so I had to blaze my way through. What fun. Well to end this journey I found another cool tree


Yes that tree is almost entirely living off the rock. My take away: “… life will find a way” (John Hammond – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

That was a great day!!!



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