Sampling Day Three

Today was dedicated 100% to Canyon Lake. Turns out that it is also Friday 13th and sampling a creepy lake is suiting – though not planned. Today marked the first day of actual sampling. My plan was to collect three liters of water from the Epi-, Hypo-, and Chemolimnion. Before I could do that I had to figure out the depth of each. Now one problem:  the cable on the hydrolab isn’t long enough. This lake is >20 m deep and the cable is maybe half of that. My solution: collect water at 1 m intervals from bottom to surface and measure the water in the VanDorn sampler. Not the perfect method, but it worked. The spot I found was about 22 m deep so I started at the bottom. Turned out to lead me to an interesting observation – the water in the chemolimnion has much more DOC.


The two bottles on the left are from the chemo (bottom layer) and the other bottles are successfully closer to the surface. This is going to turn out really really cool!!!!! So the downfall of collecting water and then measuring is that it takes a really long time, especially when you are alone. But I got it done!!!!

Once that was done it was time to sample. So I collected water from each level and a few bottles in between. This meant that I had the entire cooler full of water samples and there was no way I was going to hike that over the hill and back to the van. So plan B – find an area on the other end of the lake (closer to the van) and drop off all the gear. Luckily for me, I had wondered down the wrong path earlier and knew just the spot. Success.

Now to row back to the end of the dock, lock up the boat, and walk to the gear. I hope I don’t lose anything.


Oh I forgot to mention. It was actually still difficult to carry the gear back. I had to make two trips. Try carrying this through the woods when the cooler is full of 1L sample bottles


Oh how about over a board walk or two



That last one sucked.There were a few times when I knew I was about to end up in the swamp. But I didn’t. I made it back to the van and got it all back to the ‘lab’. Processing time.


Don’t you like my little lab?


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